Under Contract: 3505 45th W Ter in Bradenton

I've been really busy lately and unfortunately neglected my blog, but I wanted to post an update and relate some things about my real estate philosophy and services that most home sellers will find beneficial.

I was contacted a while ago by a foreign seller in France to list and sell their condo in Lakeside Village Townhomes in Bradenton.  After coordinating a thorough cleaning of the unit to make it presentable to be shown, we successfully negotiated a contract and are in the final phases of satisfying the home inspection contingency.

During the listing process, several agents called me to ask how negotiable the seller was, and "would they take a price of X amount?".

This is sloppy practice for a buyer's agent.  First of all, a good agent knows when they are dealing with an unreasonable buyer and works to educate them on the market.  Second of all, a good listing agent knows the comparable sales as well as the comparable neighborhoods or condo communities.  I knew the listing price I set with the owner was reasonable, especially considering this unit was 20 minutes closer to the beaches than the exact same floor plan by the same builder in another community east of I-75.  Conveying this information to the buyer's agent helped my client receive a cash offer at a higher price.

I also helped my client in another important way.  A fair number of deals fall apart over home inspections.  In this case, the home inspector, in order to appear they were doing their job, nit picked that the newer refrigerator with built in ice maker was missing the wire control arm.

The appliance documentation and warranty information was available to the buyer in the unit at the time of showing and at the time of inspection.  The owner's manual clearly showed this icemaker had no wire control arm.  I saved my client a lot of money by avoiding a potentially expensive service call.

The same inspection revealed that some outlets were not working in the master bedroom.  Rather than scheduling a potentially expensive electrician service call, I simply removed a few screws to find that one outlet had a loose wire.  Re-connecting the wire remedied the situation for the remaining outlets.

On a side note, for a new listing, I'll be pressure washing the driveway and front entrance for a seasonal owner when I put the for sale sign in the yard.  Saving money for the seller and sprucing up the home's curb appeal will result in a quicker sale and an easier sale for my client.

If you're thinking about selling your property in Sarasota, Manatee, or Charlotte Counties, I look forward to hearing from you.


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