Focus On: Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch real estate represents an illustrative microcosm of what is happening in our local real estate market.

I took a look at all sales (single family and condo) for Lakewood Ranch year to date, and compared with the same period last year.  Here are the results:

Year     #Units Sold     Median Sales Price   LP/SP Ratio    Days to Close    Sold $/Sq Ft
2012            213                 $265,000                     96%                  189                 $130.06
2011            279                 $260,000                     96%                  149                 $124.28

Clearly, the real estate market in Lakewood Ranch is recovering nicely.  The lower number of units sold is a result of fewer foreclosure properties on the market, while the increased days to close in 2012 is an indication of more short sales.  For buyers interested in Lakewood Ranch real estate, now is the time to get in the market.

While this information is key for buyers and home sellers alike, there's more involved in Lakewood Ranch real estate than just sold data.  Major changes in online search for Lakewood Ranch real estate are taking place for several popular Lakewood Ranch keywords on Google.

According to Google Analytics, my website,, ranks #1 in terms of online effectiveness of people seeing search results.  Here's a quick synopsis for June 1 through July 24th, 2012:

Keyword                                        Website                                        Impression Share         Rank
lakewood ranch real estate                             17%                             1
                                                           15%                             2
                                                                                            11%                             3

homes lakewood ranch fl                               46%                             1
                                                                                  43%                             2
                                                                        30%                             3

Do you notice any major names missing from this list?  There's lots more keywords and lots more examples available upon request.

For home sellers, being the largest broker does not translate into being the best source of online information for home buyers.


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