Davidbarrhomes.com Outperforms Major Sarasota Broker Sites

Google Analytics is a fascinating and highly useful tool for evaluating a website's  performance in the online advertising universe.

I started using Google Adwords over 10 years ago for my real estate website, davidbarrhomes.com, and experienced excellent results.  My goal then, as it remains now, is to create a website and online presence that could take on the largest competitors in our area.  A new feature I've been examining on Analytics gives me some extremely positive results to share in this regard.

Google's Auction Insights provides a revealing snapshot of how keywords are performing versus other online advertisers.  I was pleased to find out that my keywords targeting some of the most popular neighborhoods and areas in Sarasota and Manatee Counties garnered a higher share of impressions (people who saw my advertisement) than major brokers.

To me, this proves that a lone real estate agent can successfully take on even the largest competitors online when it comes to marketing properties and attracting buyers.  The web really does even the playing field, when smart content and consumer-focused marketing can win despite the deep pockets of large brokers.


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