Unique Content on davidbarrhomes.com

A lot of visitors to my website have been commenting favorably on the unique Sarasota FL real estate content I provide on my website, www.davidbarrhomes.com.

The real estate industry is not particularly innovative when it comes to marketing, and those real estate website templates so many agents use do not convey much local knowledge or individual agent expertise to potential buyers or sellers.  I continually tweak, expand, and improve davidbarrhomes.com on a daily basis to give visitors the best possible experience.

I personally review each profiled neighborhood, town, and popular areas on my website with a personal neighborhood review.  I grade each on a 1-5 star basis for the most asked-about neighborhood characteristics.  This is not a generic website plug-in like Yelp, but my own personal observations based on my local knowledge.

The most common question I get is "how far is the beach?".  Along with my personal neighborhood review, I have now added my exclusive Beach Meter for each profiled area.  The Beach Meter indicates walk/bike/drive distance to the nearest beach to the particular neighborhood, and gives a distance or time estimate.  No other Sarasota real estate website has this unique and useful feature for home buyers.

Not only do you have access to neighborhood reviews and beach distance, I also provide blank copies of the most common real estate documents, closing costs and calculator, and a page for Sarasota real estate investors with specific recommendations for the best rental condos, with prices and estimated lease prices.

Constant improvements, clean and unique graphics, and unique content has contributed to a ten-fold increase in visitors over April 2011.  I invite you to see what so many are discovering about Sarasota FL real estate on davidbarrhomes.com, and I look forward to being your full service, trusted Sarasota Realtor.


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