What Makes a Great Buyer's Agent?

This question came up on Trulia forums today, and it was a timely coincidence.  I was thinking about this just yesterday.

I was watching Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing.  What can I say?  I love seeing other people's houses, part of why I love being in the real estate business.  This show also happens to be a great example of what does NOT make a great buyer's agent.

I recently blogged about the Realtor Code of Ethics and Florida real estate law, which says a Realtor may not convey a minimum price to either party without the express consent of the buyer or seller they represent.  This did not happen on this program.

Cut to one scene with the two cooperating brokers negotiating price on a golf course, without consulting the buyer or seller.  Cut to another scene with one agent saying "I'll take $X....".  He'll take?  He is not the seller.  Cut to another scene with the agent concerned about a cut in compensation over a price reduction.  None of this should happen in a real estate transaction.

When you hire me to represent you in the purchase of a home, rest assured your needs come first.  I present all options, show homes that closely fit your needs, and above all, listen.  Read more on my website for buyers and for sellers.


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