2011, adios!

Is anyone else out there glad 2011 is over?  Yes, it was a huge improvement over 2010, as we began to see the real estate market recover in the last part of the year.  It didn't kill me, so as the saying goes, it made me stronger.

I get the impression that buyers in the market now are working with a mindset that's about a year old.  While other agents are touting our recovering market, I think this could discourage potential buyers from considering the Sarasota area if they think they can get better "deals" in cities like Tampa or Ft. Myers.

Real estate in soft markets like Tampa is like buying stock in Netflix.  It's bound to go lower.  Is that a good investment?

We are better off in our local real estate industry promoting the past and current demand for the Sarasota lifestyle.  There are plenty of recent articles and statistics to back this up. 

As one recent client said to me, "Tampa prices looked good on paper, until I saw Sarasota and figured out I didn't want a cheap condo with no local amenities".  Amen.


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