Showing Services

I've been showing a lot of properties to buyers this summer.  This is not an easy job, as it requires logistics, market knowledge, and planning, to satisfy the needs of your buyer and maximize the use of their time.

There's one company, Centralized Showings, that makes this job even more difficult. 

As a real estate agent, we are required to use so many passwords and security codes to log in to MLS, retrieve phone messages, emails, etc, that another code to remember is unnecessary and not customer focused.

So why is Centralized Showings making us provide a "showing code" when we call to schedule an appointment?  Shouldn't they be able to look us up in their system, ask us for a license number (we all should know ours by heart), or something just a little more user friendly than making us jump through their hoop? 

It's really to the point where if I have multiple options and limited time with a buyer, I will not show a property if I have to call Centralized Showings.

Listing agents, think twice about what service you are using.  Sellers, anything that makes showing your home more difficult will result in more time on the market.


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