The Added Value of NAR?

I just received this month's Realtor Magazine. 

Predictably, the letter from the Editor is a plea for support for NAR and it's efforts to increase dues to fend off the banks and to lobby to keep the mortgage deduction.  Supposedly, the NAR is providing us all this added value in the form of government activism,, and this fantastic resource, Realtor Magazine.

I'll tackle another day, but the Realtor Magazine is a real gem.

On page 18, under Sales and Marketing, the article titled "4 Ways to Perk Up the Open House" is a real winner. 

One suggestion is to change the time and day.  One Realtor in California suggests "twilight" Open Houses, to attract buyers after work.  That's a great idea, I can't think of one other thing I'd rather do after a full day of work.

Another is to pick a theme, like a block party with an open pit BBQ, popcorn and champagne according to a Realtor in Baltimore.  So the house is open to the entire neighborhood?  Why would neighbors buy another house in the neighborhood?

This next one is my favorite.  They suggest going "virtual". Unfortunately, the virtual tours they recommend just take still photos and add animation and music, just like the ones every Realtor in Sarasota uses.  They are not true video of the property, the yard, or the street scene.  You can read more about this on my website:

Lastly, the article suggests holding a party after the sale.  Seems the NAR is big on parties to market houses, especially in this article.  And by the way, how did the Florida Open House Weekend go?  I didn't see any results of that published anywhere. 


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