A Ridiculous Florida Association of Realtors Article

I always get a kick out of reading some of our industry publications and newsletters.

Obviously, the Florida Association of Realtors is struggling to find material to feed it's members and the public when there's nothing to write about.  So they picked "curb appeal" as the topic of one email blast. 

Usually these press releases are yawn-worthy at best, but this one made me chuckle.

"Still, Marilou Buffum of Eichler & Moffly, Realtors in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill neighborhood, who concentrates on Northwest Philadelphia properties, cautioned that curb appeal “depends upon what a buyer is looking for.” "

Pure gold.

How about this quote: " "If you have an urban-oriented buyer, a house with a lovely lawn isn’t high on the list,” Buffum said." 

I learned something with this one.  I guess I'm making a mistake showing a townhouse or condo with a lawn in an urban neighborhood.   Who knew?  And where are these condos with lawns?

Another pressing issue in the real estate market is described like this:  "“The city is the best place to live, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else,” said Prudential Fox & Roach agent Jeff Block, who focuses on the Center City real estate market. “But city properties do deal with unique curb-appeal issues. “One is simply windblown bags, wrappers and leaves,” he said. “You can sweep your sidewalk every day, but if the wind blows right before an appointment, the buyer doesn’t know that.” "

Must be a great city to live in if there's the constant threat of blowing trash to ruin your showings.

Thanks, Florida Association of Realtors, I can see my dues are put to good use.


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