Lakewood Ranch partners with Microsoft

I just ran across some interesting video on Fox News about Lakewood Ranch. 

The story is about how Lakewood Ranch is employing color-coded tags on businesses to give smart-phone users more information, online coupons, etc.  Sounds nice, but as usual, there's more to the story.

Smart tags are not new.  In fact, I've been using them on my website,, for months, as well as here on my blog.  They are called QR codes, which stands for Quick Response, and they are being used worldwide.  QR codes work with mobile phones on any operating system, Mac or Android.  Even better, the app to read the tags is free, and many websites provide free QR code generators.

The QR codes are black and white, meaning you don't need a special printer to make them, and you can print them right in your existing laser printer to apply to outdoor signs, banners, and in my case, my car.  They also are faxable.

I use QR codes on yard signs to direct potential buyers to interior video (yes video, not animated still photographs) and a detailed property listing on my website for that property.  The days of calling an office and getting a desk floor agent who knows little to nothing about the property is old school marketing. 

Here is the link to the video:

While I applaud the effort of Lakewood Ranch to embrace technology, they only got it half right.  I wonder how much of the Lakewood Ranch CCD fee went to this Microsoft partnership, where only a segment of the mobile browsing public can actually use this service?


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