Real Estate Video Tours

I've been researching how Realtors are using video to educate consumers and showcase their listings, and I've learned quite a bit.  One of the better examples I've found is actually a Realtor from Canada, and you can see his website here:

I don't plan on showing my mug as much as the O'Neill videos, but I do believe I can improve on what local Realtors are currently providing.  For example, I was visiting a local competitor's site and clicked a link to see University Park video, and found the majority of it was devoted to shopping and Lakewood Ranch.  Another local Realtor is posting "HD video", with no narration, and it basically looks like static pictures.

I made my first foray into putting together an informative, concise, and accurate representation of what a home buyer would actually see, and ask about, in my latest video tour upload to my YouTube channel, sarasotahomes.  There you can see a video tour of the popular Turtle Rock, a gated community in Palmer Ranch in Sarasota, FL.   As with most things tech, I'll get better at shooting and editing the video with future entries for popular Sarasota neighborhoods.


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